Monumental Sculptures is a combined group of artists capable of providing the largest stone, bronze, fiberglass or stainless steel art & globes in the world.  We are capable of creating original work for you or if you are an artist, we can enlargen in stone,  fiberglass, stainless steel or bronze your original sculpture to sizes not available anywhere else in the world.  Enlargements can be done from small maquettes or even photographs.  We have bronzes exceeding 300 feet in height, and stone sculptures over 150 feet.  Please contact us with your thoughts, requirements, and let us supply our recommendations and budgetary quotation for you.

If you are looking for globes or spheres of any material or size, you have found the right source.  Please email us with your needs or requests.



"GLOBES ON PARADE TM".........In Support of Worldwide efforts to Reduce Global Warming:

 Monumental Sculptures will be introducing our "GLOBES ON PARADE TM" program in early 2008.  This program will offer fiberglass or stainless steel sculptured globes of various sizes for towns, cities, churches, universities, and other organizations to begin the process of making public the suggestions of the world's children, schools, organizations, celebrities, and artists for slowing down the effects of Global Warming.  Sponsors from around the world will be asked to purchase the raw bas reliefed sculptures that will then we given to the selected children, schools, organizations, celebrities and artists around the world for use to publicize their recommendations for slowing the effects of Global Warming.  These sculptures should be exhibited in public locations in the local communities to begin the process of global education and also serve as public notice of the worldwide concern for our Earth.  At the conclusion of the sculptural exhibits, sponsors will have the first rights to purchase the completed art and put them on permanent display, and all remaining sculptures will be auctioned to the public with the proceeds being donated to local environmental organizations.  For more information on how your community, your educational facility or organization can become involved, please email us at

We are a custom fabricator, and have no stock items, but our pricing is incomparable for the sculptures we are capable of producing.  If you can describe your vision of the sculpture, our clay sculptors will create it for your review prior to enlargement.  Our procedures are to work with you in the idea, create the clay model, make necessary changes according to your review of the digital pictures of the model.  Once satisfied, we can give you multiple pricing on the enlargement in bronze or stone, with a variety of materials available to you.  We prefer, when using stone, to use granite as it will endure for thousands of years, but will work with the material you specifically direct us to use, if available.

We have been become famous for making the "Most remembered water feature in the world",, the interactive floating granite sphere globe fountain sculpture.  Please visit our website at to see the work that is specifically available to you for this form of project. 


We shall soon offer a service to scan into the computer your model, maximum 16" in height, and render scene ready art for you with the model shown at any monumental size you desire.  This is the perfect means to provide representational images for those public art competitions, and you may chose still image renderings or add on video fly through renderings for your presentations.  Imagine spending only the time to make your model, and then offering it for sale in any monumental size your customer desires.  We shall work with you in designing the backgrounds to fit your needs.  If your enlargement is eventually ordered through us, you will be credited for the total cost of the renderings you used.  Image copyrights will be yours.


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